The crystal singing bowl

Crystals are mined from the mines and processed to make necklaces, rings, earrings, statues of Buddha, and so on, it can be hung on your body and decorated in your home, but the primary role of crystals is the energy of the crystals themselves, which are natural minerals that have been crystallized over millions of years or more.

The crystal singing bowl is a bowl-shaped method made by melting natural crystal quartz sand with purity up to 99.99%. Compared with the complex metal composition and overtones of the tibetan singing bowl, the tone of the crystal singing bowl is very simple. You can easily measure the precise and steady tone of the crystal singing bowl. This is one of the important reasons why crystal singing bowls are becoming more and more popular with consumers all over the world. Before meditating, the user uses the crystal singing bowl, whose sound waves are so pure that they send our brains into Alpha waves, or even Theta waves, which are easy to meditate in.

Why you need it!

1. Playing crystal singing bowl could reduce stress, eliminate fatigue and remove negative energy.

2. Playing crystal singing bowl could balance body chakra, regulate emotional state, etc.

3. Playing crystal singing bowl before sleeping could improve sleep quality significantly.

4. Playing the crystal singing bowl before meditation to get into a“Quiet” state more quickly.

About US

CVNC is a modern high-tech brand specializing in the production and sales of crystal musical instruments, with more than 20 years of experience.Our products cover all kinds of sound therapy products, including crystal singing bowl, crystal tuning fork, crystal singing pyramid, crystal singing harp, crystal bell and so on, we are the largest manufacturer of crystal singing instruments in the world. The crystal singing instruments are exported to America, Mexico, Spain, France, Australia, Canada and other more than 70 countries.

Our production area is 7000 square meters. We regard product quality as life and constantly develop new products to adapt the market demand. We have sufficient guarantee on production, technology, sales, after-sales service, etc. We are committed to bring better crystal sound therapy products for every costomer.

Custom Design Service

We can provide you personalized customization services, including but not limited to print your representative symbol on the crystal singing bowl, your company logo on the crystal singing bowl or make your favorite color crystal singing bowl.

Custom products include crystal singing bowl, carrier bag, outer packing box and so on. If you have any customization requirements, you can send email or contact us online.

Email Address:

Tips: minimum order amount for customized service from 200 pcs.

How to play it correctly

It is necessary for you to learn how to play the crystal singing bowl and protect your singing bowl in right way. You could enjoy great sound by playing it in proper manner.

CVNC 432Hz 6-12 Inch Aria Gradient Color Crystal Singing Bowl Set

CVNC 432Hz Perfect Pitch 6-12 Inch 7 pcs Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set

You should choose CVNC:

1. Manufacturer of crystal singing bowls over 20 years, strict quality assurance.
2. Free shipping to global address quickly and safely.
3. Fast and efficient after-sales service, free consultation service throughout the year.
4. Custom design service, make the unique singing bowl belongs to you.
5. Wholesale business for dealers to help you start your own crystal singing bowl business.

What our customers saying
Thank you for something so beautiful! Only pure crystal bowl sound without any other instruments. For me because the sound is so pure, it is so healing.
— Christina
Sometimes I feel a bit lonely when I am at home on my own. Therefore I get a bit anxious and this has helped me to feel calm and positive.
— Fiona
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— Author's name
My son 6 almost 7 and is autistic. He ran into my room when this started playing. He started imitating meditation positions, so I continued with him. He sat for almost 10 minutes! Which is Amazing! He's sat with me before but never longer than a couple of minutes.
— Giogeya
I really enjoyed this product! The sound very wonderful. I used it to help me focus on studying and to help ease anxiety,it is very heipful to me!
— Kris
Highest quality crystal singing bowls ever bought,bigger than i expected and the sound is soooooo good. Easy to play and the sound could last loooooong time, it is great for meditation.
— Kevin
The bowls are absalutly beautiful and their soud mesmerzing.I like the sound and feel so relax. Love it!!!
— Smith
As a Metaphysical and Holistic business owner it is important to me that I educate myself on the products that I use and recommend to others. So I speak from knowledge and experience when I say that you will not be disappointed with this product. The sound quality and performance are excellent! These bowls are definitely designed on a professional scale. The price is great for the accuracy of these bowls. I always recommend that you buy a product that actually is effective so that your receiving the intended healing results. I hope my review is helpful in your journey of healing and awakening.
— Nola
Everything was packed nicely but not too hard to unpack. Every bowl sounds beautiful and clear. I’m satisfied with my purchase and will update if I run into any issues.
— A R