CVNC Tibetan Sound Bowl For Meditation Sound Healing

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Tibetan Sound Bowl, also called Himalaya bowl, is composed of seven metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead and mercury. It is made of Himalayan meteorites by melting and refining.
The overtone sound emitted by theTibetan Sound Bowl can help the body relax and balance and reconcile the seven chakras of the human body.

What it sound healing for balancing chakra?

Our body is more than just physical and mental, it’s also an energetic system called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or cycle. There are seven main chakras situated along the spine, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

Sound healing for chakras is a therapy used to balance the chakras by using specific frequencies that reverberate through the body. Sound healing works by aligning each chakra to its sound frequency. When your chakras are in balance, your body, mind, and spirit are full of vitality and health.

Use of crystal singing bowl

1. Improve the human chakra state, purify the human gas field and energy field, to achieve a state of balance.

2. Adjust People's emotional state, make people more relaxed and calm,improve personal focus and responsiveness.

3. To eliminate fatigue and relieve stress, remove negative emotions and energy, improve human immunity.

4. Purify and change the energy field and air field in the space, improve the geomantic omen of the dwelling, and have the function of blessing and gathering wealth.

5. Professional music healing therapist makes targeted treatment of psychological and physical diseases by using a variety of sizes of crystal singing bowls, which is effective without side effects.

6. Interior Decoration: crystal singing bowl appearance is elegant, simple and solemn, put it at home, SPA clubs and other elegant place to create a unique natural, elegant, mysterious atmosphere.

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CVNC Brand History

CVNC is a modern high-tech brand specializing in the production and sales of crystal musical instruments, with more than 20 years of experience.Our products cover all kinds of sound therapy products, including crystal singing bowl, crystal tuning fork, crystal singing pyramid, crystal singing harp, crystal bell and so on, we are the largest manufacturer of crystal singing instruments in the world. The crystal singing instruments are exported to America, Mexico, Spain, France, Australia, Canada and other more than 70 countries.

Our production area is 7000 square meters. We regard product quality as life and constantly develop new products to adapt the market demand. We have sufficient guarantee on production, technology, sales, after-sales service, etc. We are committed to bring better crystal sound therapy products for every costomer.

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