CVNC has been manufacturer of crystal singing bowl over 20 years and we have many kinds of crystal singing healing musical instruments. Such as frosted white crystal singing bowl, color crystal singing bowl, clear crystal singing bowl, handle singing bowl, chalice singing bowl, singing pyramid, crystal singing harp and so on.

We use high quality material to produce our products and the sound of crystal singing bowl is amazing and healing. You could hear different sound from these related videos and these videos are all made by CVNC.

If you have any question about our products, chakra, note please contact us by Inbox or Hotmail anytime, our professional healing teather will answer your questions online directly.

Since the amount of questions are so many everyday, please wait patiently and our healing teacher will reply you ASAP. Hope we could get your message and have a sweet relationship in the future.

How To Play Crystal Singing Bowl Correctly

In this video you could know how to use rubber mallet and suede mallet to play crystal singing bowl correctly.

CVNC 432Hz Perfect Pitch Frosted White Crystal Singing Bowl

Perfect pitch is the highest standard for note and the sound is amazing. Most healing teachers choose this kind set to their healing class.

CVNC 440Hz Chakra Symbol Design 6-12 Inch Crystal Singing Bowl Set

CVNC 440Hz 6-12 Inch 7 Pcs Colored Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set

CVNC 440Hz 6-12 Inch Lotus Crystal Singing Bowl Set

CVNC 432Hz 6-12 Inch Aria Gradient Color Crystal Singing Bowl Set

CVNC 528HZ Note C Flower of Life Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

CVNC Candy Color Crystal Singing bowl

Crystal Singing Pyramid Healing Musical Instrument

For crystal singing pyramid, you could choose the size but not the note. Each crystal singing pyramid is unique and the sound is great. Each crystal singing pyramid has the special fate relationship with you.

Crystal Singing Harp

CVNC Aurora Realm Multiple Colored Crystal Singing Harp