1. How much for shipping fee?

CVNC could supply free shipping to all global orders, no matter where you are. As long as express delivery can reach the place, we will provide free shipping service for your order.

  1. When you open the package, OH My Gosh, the singing bowl is broken, what should you do ?

All our orders are guaranteed 30 days when you receive your package. If you find there is any damage of missing about your crystal singing bowl, you could contact me right now and I will replace new product to you for free.

  1. What evidence do you need to supply when you want to get free replacement for damaged crystal singing bowl?

Hello my friend, if you want to handle the broken issues quickly please give me the evidence we need soon.

  • The picture of broken crystal singing bowl.
  • The picture of whole outside package box.
  • The picture of whole inside package box.
  • The picture of delivery paper on the package box.

Please contact me to handle broken issues within 30 days when you receive the package, or the delivery company could not handle it successfully.

  1. How long will it take to receive the goods?
    When you complete your order, normally it takes 3-7 days to make it ready to go and you will receive them in 15-20 days averagely. Gemstone Fusion Crystal Singing Bowl and Alchemy Solid 24K Pure Gold Crystal Singing Bowl need 7 days at least to produce. We also have stock in US, UK and AUS, if what you order just we have stock in your country you will receive them in 3 days after payment. If you need to expedite your order, please contact us.
  2. What is the difference between the 6-12 inch set and 8-14 inch set?
  • (1) The sound is relatively deeper and thicker for 8-14 inch set, 8-14 inch set sounds powerful, and the rhythm of the crystal singing bowl is stronger.
  • (2) The larger crystal singing bowl has stronger vibration and sound penetration, the sound could penetrate into the depth of the body, let our body some energy blocked places to be released by the resonance in an instant.
  • (3) The large size crystal singing bowl can generate a lot of vibration, and it is easier to grind, and the sound is longer and longer, so it is very suitable for meditation and zazen.
  • (4) If you are a professional healer and want to have a better sound therapy experience with enough budget, we recommend you to choose an 8-14 inch crystal singing bowl set. For scenes used in professional meditation, yoga, or sound healing studio, we recommend the large size 8-14 inch set.
  1. How can I get in contact with CVNC to get more information?

You can contact me by cvnccrystal@hotmail.com, I will reply you ASAP when I see your message. We work in China so we may have time difference between us, don’t worry why you don’t get any reply in hours since maybe I am sleeping. Any question about our production you could contact me anytime, hope get your message soon my friend. Have a nice day.

     7. If you write wrong address for your order, what should you do?

If you found you wrote wrong address please email us as soon as possible by cvnccrystal@hotmail.com. We MIGHT be able to fix it. However, we can't promise anything if your package has been already deliveried.

If your package is returned to us due to wrong address, you are responsible for the re-ship fee. There are no refunds if you can't receive the package due to wrong shipping address. 

Please check your shipping address carefully and hope we could see your order soon.

     8. How secure is my personal information?

CVNC adheres to highest industry standards to protect your personal information.

Your credit card information and personal details are encrypted during transmission using SSL (secure socket layer technology), which is widely used on the Internet for processing payments.

We don’t sell, lease or otherwise distribute any personal customer information.