CVNC Handle Heart Meditation Crystal Singing Bowl With Carrier Bag

$459.99 USD

  • Made with High Purity Quartz

What's included:

  • Handle Meditation Crystal Singing Bowl
  • Carrier Bag
  • One suede mallet and one crystal mallet

Package Weight: 2-2.5kg

What is Handle Crystal Singing Bowl

A handheld crystal singing bowl is a clear, decoratively treated or gemstone-infused crystal singing bowl that has a handle, by which you can hold the crystal singing bowl and direct its ethereal vibrations into the environment or around the physical body, place on the body and throughout the etheric or energitic body layers.

How to use:

Step 1: We recommend that you set your intention by saying an affirmation before you begin playing the Crystal Bowl. This will help you fine-tune your integration with the positive energy.​

Step 2: Tap the side of the crystal bowl three times with the stick as a starting signal.​

Step 3: Slowly rub the outer edge of the crystal bowl with the stick, hold the stick moderately and press the edge of the crystal bowl to move, to create resonance and sound.​

Step 4: At the end of the performance, gently remove the stick and allow the crystal bowl to vibrate continuously while you fine-tune and enjoy the energy vibration.


The reason to choose crystal bowl​

(1)The sound produced by the bowl is a regular vibration, and the harmony resonates with our body, blood, guts and cells in perfect harmony, activating the body,​

(2)Crystal has a special hexahedral crystal molecular structure, which is the same as many cell molecular structures of the human body. The molecular structure emitted from the crystal bowl will balance these cell molecular structures, thus balancing the body and mind

 ​(3)Its vibrating sound makes our brain waves enter the Alpha or even Theta state, thus reducing stress, taking away all the negative energy remaining in the body, and cleaning the body energy and meridians.

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