CVNC Rain Stick Musical Instrument For Meditation Sound Healing

$399.99 USD $459.99

  • Sturdy construction will stand up to use in the classroom, home, or band over time
  • Much clearer sound than plastic or poorly made imitation rainsticks
  • Twine dyed in bright Chilean color combinations wrapped around one or both ends of rainstick
  • Clear sealant applied for a smoother, more durable and moisture-resistant finish
  • The length of rain stick is 100cm(about 40 inch), the diameter is 8cm.

Enjoy the sound

Our Heartwood Cactus Rain Sticks, crafted by hand, emanate an enchanting sound reminiscent of gentle raindrops. At a substantial length of 40 inches, these large rainsticks enable a prolonged cascade of sound. To extend the duration of this auditory rainfall, one simply needs to tilt and rotate the rainstick slowly.

How rain sticks are made

Once the abundant Capado cactus reaches the end of its life cycle, it is collected in its dried state. Indigenous craftsmen then meticulously clean and hollow out the plant. The spines are carefully embedded into the sturdy wooden core, or alternatively, tiny sticks are placed within, along with a multitude of minuscule pebbles sealed inside. The captivating noise that resonates when the stick is flipped end over end continues to enchant listeners and remains an integral part of rain rituals across South America to this day.

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