For 7 pcs crystal singing bowl set, there are 7 different notes in one set, includes note C, note D, note E, note F, note G, note A, note B.

Playing the set everyday could improve your sleeping quality a lot and help you release the stress from work and daily life. Each set has 7 singing bowls, 2 suede mallets, 2 rubber mallets and 7 O-ring.

We recommend you to buy carrier bags with your set together to protect your set very well and it is easy to take the set outside with your carrier bags. The bags are epecial design for the crystal singing bowl set, the bags are light and perfect match the singing bowls.


The Sound of Colored Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Save this video when you can't sleep very well or just enjoy the healing journey with us.

The sound is powerful and help you reduce stress from work and daily life. Calm down and get positive energy to meet your new day.

The Sound of Frosted White Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Close your eyes and hear the sound by your heart, relax your body and soul. Go to meditation quickly and focus on the feeling of yourself.

Enjoy your healing journey and get positive energy from the sound.

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