Most clients feel confused how to choose the singing bowl set from 440Hz and 432Hz, and always want to get the answer which hertz is better.

Actually there is no answer to tell you which hertz is better than the other one.

440Hz and 432Hz are all Hertz belongs to note A and we use note A as the standard note. Different people could feel different when they hear 440Hz sound and 432Hz sound, you just need to choose the sound you feel better and relax.

If your friends, families like 432Hz set and you like 440Hz set, you just choose the sound you like and enjoy yourself. Each person is unique and we have our own "hertz", so just focus on your feeling and choose the sound you feel comfortable and freedom.

We have the videos of 440Hz set and 432Hz set, you could hear the sound and close your eyes, feel the real react from your heart and choose the set you are fit for, but not the popular one.


The Sound of 440Hz Crystal Singing Bowl Set

The Sound of 432Hz Crystal Singing Bowl Set