The crystal singing bowl offers a unique way to balance and restore energy.

This bowl uses sound waves to improve chakra state and purify energy fields, allowing you to achieve a state of equilibrium. The sound waves produced by the singing bowl reverberate with a long-lasting effect, allowing tangible improvements in mental clarity and physical wellbeing. With regular use, you can achieve a more balanced lifestyle. This bowl is an ideal choice for those looking for a holistic solution to stress relief and relaxation. Its powerful healing properties can help to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit, while also calming and removing energetic blockages.


This crystal singing bowl allows you to adjust your emotional state and promote relaxation.

Releasing beautiful tones, this crystal bowl is perfect for providing a tranquil atmosphere. It can also be used for sound therapy, providing a stimulating and therapeutic atmosphere for a range of spiritual and therapeutic practices. This crystal singing bowl is great for personal or professional use. The crystal bowl is designed to produce a comprehensive range of tones, from deep bass to clear and high-pitched sounds that can resonate throughout any space. It can help align and purify energy, while creating a captivating and spiritual atmosphere.


The crystal singing bowl can help purify and transform your energy field and the atmosphere in your home.

This could potentially improve the Feng Shui and bring wealth into your space. It has a beautiful, calming harmonizing and centering sound that can clear and cleanse the atmosphere and vibrations from negative energy. Additionally, use it to help lift your energy and create a better overall wellbeing. This singing bowl can help to open and align the chakras, enhance sound healing, and promote relaxation. Its sound and vibrations can help to calm the mind, body, and spirit while reducing stress and increasing mental clarity.


Enjoy the healing power of sound with the crystal singing bowls!

Used by professional music therapists, this unique instrument provides targeted treatment of physical and psychological ailments without any adverse effects. Discover true relaxation and harmony with crystal singing bowls. The soothing tones of the crystal singing bowls can transport you to a place of inner peace and reduce stress. This invokes a sense of balance and focus that allows you to redefine what's possible. Experience powerful healing effects with this ancient instrument.


Transform any environment with the sophisticated elegance of a Crystal Singing Bowl.

This ornamental beauty will create a natural, mysterious atmosphere no matter where it's kept - from your home to SPA clubs! With its sleek, simple style, this bowl captures attention without overwhelming the room. The harmonic pitch and purity of this Crystal Singing Bowl will elevate your senses, transcending any environment into one of serene beauty. Its durable design ensures its long-lasting performance and reliable quality. Discover the natural sounds of harmony with this unique, stylish piece.


The Sound of Lotus Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Save this video when you can't sleep very well or just enjoy the healing journey with us.

The sound is powerful and help you reduce stress from work and daily life. Calm down and get positive energy to meet your new day.