Today I find there is one big greenery in the garbage room.

I may understand why it stands there, it is sooo tall and as you can see, it has gone awry. I tried to straighten it but I can't make it, the greenery is too heavy to straighten it and I am afraid it would hurt the greenery's body.

I see it for a while and I think it is beautiful, it is life and it grows well.

Then I take it to my company and give it one place to stay.

Now I call her Miya-Green, the name just run into my brain and I like it.

I clean Miya for every leaf and now it looks great, I can feel she is smiling and have a new clean safe place to grow. I put my other greeneries around Miya and hope they could be friends soon. Miya needs new friends to help her feel more comfortable and share her story.

Maybe they are already talking about their stories, so sorry I can't hear that, I think it must be interesting and amazing.

Even though it is one unperfect greenery, but I think I am lucky to have a chance to live with her and have a new story between us. 

I will share more about Miya-Green and hope you could like it.

Pay nothing and get one big new friend, I am sooo lucky today.


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