CVNC Crystal Singing Bowl 7 colored 7 PCS Silk Cushion Holder Pillow (Without Singing Bowl)

$99.99 USD

  • A good gift choice for your friends who have crystal singing bowl, they will like it.
  • It is lightweight for easy and convenient to carry and store.
  • Made of high quality material for long time and durable use.
  • Seven sizes, suitable for 6-12 inch set and 8-14 inch set.
  • Crystal singing bowl sings and sits better on these cushion holder pillows.

You should choose CVNC:

1. Manufacturer of crystal singing bowls over 20 years, strict quality assurance.
2. Free shipping to global address quickly and safely.
3. Fast and efficient after-sales service, free consultation service throughout the year.
4. Custom design service, make the unique singing bowl belongs to you.
5. Wholesale business for dealers to help you start your own crystal singing bowl business.

CVNC Brand History

CVNC is a modern high-tech brand specializing in the production and sales of crystal musical instruments, with more than 20 years of experience.Our products cover all kinds of sound therapy products, including crystal singing bowl, crystal tuning fork, crystal singing pyramid, crystal singing harp, crystal bell and so on, we are the largest manufacturer of crystal singing instruments in the world. The crystal singing instruments are exported to America, Mexico, Spain, France, Australia, Canada and other more than 70 countries.

Our production area is 7000 square meters. We regard product quality as life and constantly develop new products to adapt the market demand. We have sufficient guarantee on production, technology, sales, after-sales service, etc. We are committed to bring better crystal sound therapy products for every costomer.

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