As you know, the crystal singing bowl is fragile musical instrument, and price is not cheap. So you really need professional carrier bags to hold them and keep them safe.

The crystal singing bowl can not be repaired if it is broken, and in one set has 7 pcs singing bowls, you need use soft inserts to protect every singing bowl with each other in the bag. The soft insert could match singing bowls very well and it is easy to put it in the bag.

Especially if you are one healing teacher, you need have healing class many times one week, you must use the carrier bags to take the set to different places. The bags are light and heavy duty, it could be taken away easily by woman. If you don't need to use crystal singing bowls for one period, you could package them in the bag and put them in one clean and dry place.


The Sound of Lotus Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Save this video when you can't sleep very well or just enjoy the healing journey with us.

The sound is powerful and help you reduce stress from work and daily life. Calm down and get positive energy to meet your new day.