Crystal bowls have emerged in healing techniques since the 1980s. While some assume a link to ancient practices, no concrete data exists. Coincidentally, the computer industry employed high-precision quartz crystal bowls to cultivate pure silicon chips. Those that failed quality control were discarded. Someone on the way to the trash noticed they had outstanding pure sounds and decided to keep them! These crystal bowls are designed to produce deep resonant tones, cleaning the atmosphere of negative energy, and restoring balance & harmony. These crystal bowls carry a deep history, crafted from high-precision quartz crystal and engineered to provide long-lasting durability and a powerful sound. They're the perfect way to create a calming atmosphere and bring a sense of balance and harmony to your environment.

Since the advent of singing crystal bowls, they've become an immensely powerful tool for those engaged in both ancient & modern healing. Similarly to Tibetan Bowls, they can be employed as sound instruments. When combined with concentration & goal-setting, they can drastically increase their potency. Most sound-hearers note that the bowl's resonant & vibrant tones are intensely calming, rejuvenating & even trigger profound emotions & wellbeing. Practitioners can use consciousness techniques to help recipients achieve mental clarity, balance chakras & drift into meditative & even shamanic states of insight. This potential to access a deeper level of consciousness allows users to open up a realm of possibilities unavailable in any other form of therapy. As the crystal bowl is struck and then glides into full resonance, it can create a powerful atmosphere and get to the core of whatever issue it is that needs healing.

This one-of-a-kind tool immerses the user in therapeutic sounds, cultivating states of relaxation and wellbeing. Its benefits extend to facilitating homeostasis, and the exploration of meditative states to realize emotion regulation and spiritual growth. Its use can also lead to increased awareness of both self and the universe. The bowls can rapidly be experienced by anyone to create states of attunement, relaxation, or wellbeing, as well as provide a tonal accompaniment for chanting, mantras, and songs. The bowls are easily struck and 'sung' using rubber or suede mallets that come with the bowl. Little instruction is required - even novice users can master it in moments. Intuitive inspiration can be used to access deeper states.

The distinct tone of the bowl grants access to a heightened state of awareness, enabling rapid attunement to a clear-minded mindset. This affords the opportunity to explore inner realms, deepening meditation, and access unresolved emotions awaiting clarification and resolution. Just by inhaling the arising feelings from regular use of the bowl, users can quickly achieve clarity, release, and a sensation of spaciousness or synchrony that brings significant wellness. With the assistance of a knowledgeable practitioner, one can also attain deeper, heightened states of awareness to gain insight into the grandeur of the universe, the Higher Self, or delve into mechanisms of healing specific memories or trauma.

The bowls are recommended for simple meditative or healing purposes, either solo or with vocal accompaniment. Significantly, they elevate any vocal practices, enabling them to serve as a pristine and unified tone producer and ambient instrument. Through a combination of awareness and vocalization, users can profoundly advance their experience beyond simply using the bowl. As a sound therapist, this is a go-to method for promoting healing and uncovering otherworldly realms.


The Sound of Lotus Crystal Singing Bowl Set

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The sound is powerful and help you reduce stress from work and daily life. Calm down and get positive energy to meet your new day.