What is Throat Chakra?

The position of the throat chakra is in front of and behind the throat. Throat Chakra is related to one's ability to communicate, express and create, to express inner feelings, creativity, truth, and to communicate, resonate and receive, to be true to oneself, and to speak out one's inner feelings.

The color of the aura displayed by the Throat Chakra is sky blue, the blue energy is pure, soothing, calm and healing, and the blue is the color of communication, providing us with the power to speak the truth. Blue is also the cooler end of the spectrum. Blue allows the mind and body to experience stillness. It represents a pure mind, free from any negative thoughts.

The Throat Chakra matches with note G.

What will happen if your Throat Chakra is blocked?

When your throat chakra is blocked and inactive, it may make you unwilling or unable to defend yourself and have something to say, but you seem unable to muster the courage to say it, refusing to express your opinion or state your choice, there will also be negative words and actions. This imbalance may also manifest itself in the fear of speaking in public or even having a public conversation with someone you know.

But when your throat chakra becomes overactive, you become arrogant and self-righteous, you talk too much, you talk without thinking, and you feel like you have to speak up, talking too much or talking too fast can release too much energy.



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