What is Heart Chakra?

The Heart Chakra is located around the heart. The Heart Chakra has the power to heal itself or others. The greatest power this chakra shows is forgiveness, selfless love, or would say compassion, love for oneself and others all over the world, having a magnanimous spirit that nourishes oneself as well as others.

The color of the aura displayed by the Heart Chakra is green, which governs empathy, love and compassion, and green represents the energy of transformation and love. The Heart Chakra's love has no specific object, has nothing to do with the individual, is not the emotion, has no selfishness, does not ask for the return, is the unconditional love.

Heart Chakra matches with note F.

What will happen if your Heart Chakra is blocked?

When your heart chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you may have a tendency to over-isolate yourself and risk opening your heart to love. You may feel lonely, often jealous, and find it hard to trust others. When the Chakra is overactive, it wants to take possession, demands attention, feels assured in return, becomes easily distracted and argumentative.


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