What is Root Chakra?

The Root Chakra is the lowest of the seven Chakras and is also the most basic chakra. It is the root of the entire energy system of the human body, and all energy travels through the Root Chakra.

The color observed in this round of Aura is red, which is in charge of vitality on the physical level, belongs to the adrenal gland; on the psychological and emotional level, it is a sense of security and existence.

What will happen if your Root Chakra is blocked?

In the psychological level, the main influence is the sense of security and existence. The sense of security here is not a general psychological sense of security, but a kind of near to the self-existence of the trust. Since the energy of the Root Chakra will be connected to the earth through the feet, so the smooth operation of the Root Chakra, there will be a“Rooted to the earth” feeling. This feeling is very stable power, it supports a person to feel that they have the ability to live alone on the Earth, a kind of self-existence of trust and certainty.


If a person's Root Chakra is blocked so that it can not connect with the earth, it will not be able to be certain of its own ability to exist in the real world, or of its own existence. It's a deep fear and panic -- a doubt about the validity and worth of your existence, or a feeling of emptiness. Once you lose trust in your own existence, the chakras of all energy systems become distorted and can not function properly, so the emotional impact of the Root Chakra is significant.




The Sound of Note C Root Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

Root Chakra is balanced with the C note and the color for Root Chakra is red. Note C could help you to open your Root Chakra and get the poserful energy from the sound.