What is Navel Chakra?

The Navel Chakra, which regulates the body's fluids and reproductive organs, is located just above the pubic bone to the navel, the Navel Chakra represents optimism, sunshine, warmth, confidence, enthusiasm, courage, strength, creativity, and compassion.

The Navel Chakra is orange in color and is associated with emotions and creativity. The main function of this energy center is to be joyful and enjoy life. When this chakra is balanced and functioning properly, we feel that our relationship with the world is harmonious, joyful and nurturing.

What will happen if your Navel Chakra is blocked?

Navel Chakra imbalance can make you feel emotionally and physically unstable. When the Navel Chakra is blocked or inactive, you may feel a lack of control, ranging from uncertainty to an inability to cope with life's changes. Lack of creativity, lack of desire, will feel insecure.

When the Navel Chakra is overactive, you may have problems with overreaction and conflict, emotional overreaction, emotional attachment, or even anxiety, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You may experience more intense mood swings or become overly dependent on others.



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