Sound can be used to acquire a life of greater purpose, completeness, harmony, and joy. This text explains the concept of organic contentment and how sound along with awareness can be beneficial in the healing journey.


Sound can be used to intensify and expand our inner awareness. When we understand this, all we have to do is focus on the desired state for creating sounds and settling into it. We are thus able to magnify and draw in these states to us by intently making sounds while holding positive awareness. This enhances the meditation experience as the state reverberates within us and is projected into the environment, having an effect on those around us.


The approach is effortless. If we aspire to happiness, focus on it, and allow it to arise from within, and then slowly bring sound into the equation. This could be achieved by ringing a crystal bowl or Tibetan bell in harmony with the emotion or mindfulness. You could also employ your voice by singing old or modern tunes, chanting, or 'toning,' a method widely thought of as more liberating than singing.


As sound is a form of energy, its vibrations can clear out held-in emotions and attachments - leading to an effortless release. Sound can amplify this process, leading to realization and manifestation of true potential. With regular practice of mindfulness, familiarity with inner states of bliss grows. We can discover natural contentment and bliss more profoundly. Begin with a crystal bowl, a drum, or a bell and call to mind the experience you wish to evoke. Attune to the sound and let it work its magic.


The Sound of Lotus Crystal Singing Bowl Set

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