Clear crystal singing bowls are transparent and typically smaller than their frosted crystal singing bowl. Upon striking, these bowls can produce two notes, with the main note typically being complemented by a higher harmonic up to an 11th interval.


Singing bowls with a clear design have thinner walls than frosted crystal singing bowls, resulting in a lower volume; however, they have greater sustain and a more reliable and transparent sonority. For solo or small-group play, clear bowls are a great choice. Make sure the bowl is at least 6 inch in diameter, as any smaller can be challenging to use.


The sonorous qualities of many clear bowls playing in unison are unmistakable. The harmonics between them are more vivid compared to frosted crystal singing bowls together. The unified sound created by several clear bowls is mesmerizing and likened to a heavenly chorus.


The Sound of Lotus Crystal Singing Bowl Set

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